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recordphile.wordpress.com: This 10″ split EP of cosmic doom metal comes way of german label Vendetta Records. The french band The Austrasian Goat puts up two songs on his side while Hallowed Butchery of rural Maine puts forth only one offering, but the best track I have heard from them yet. The Packaging: “Songs of Self Reliance and Solitude” is packaged in a metallic silver half sleeve. The art concept and layout was all done by Ryan Fairfield of Hallowed Butchery. The reverse side of the sleeve features a huge artwork of a man being impaled by many different weapons and underneath that you will find the lyrics to the album. The Music: One of the best parts about “Songs of Self Reliance and Solitude” is the fact that these artists live up to such a title. Both bands are in fact solo artists playing and creating everything themselves. “Nailed Down” and “Hikikomori” from The Austrasian Goat are slow, miminalistic funeral doom pieces. With the growled whispers mixed low into the music, it creates an even more forboding sense while listening, as if you are being spoken to from another plane. Many times a minimalist approach to a song does not lend itself well to lasting seven and a half minutes, but The Goat pulls it off with ease on his first track “Nailed Down”. You barely notice any time has passed at all by the time the song starts to bleed into the second track, “Hikikomori”. Using a repeatitive but effective riff throughout the song, The Goat sets the tone for a life of isolation and confinement from the status quo. The last words he leaves us with are “There is freedom of choice, but nothing to choose from” rings in your ears before ending in a simple but haunting sound effect. Side B kicks off with a quick quote while the feedback grows and Hallowed Butchery starts his epic nearly ten minute movement “Hexagram: The God of Self”. Ryan Fairfield leaves no stone unturned, as the song starts off with a nice solo before kicking into the chorus. Vocally, Ryan uses many styles, from gutteral growls, screaming, to layered vocals, pulling them all off with ease. Around 3:45 in, the song takes a shift as everything gets much cleaner, the guitars have no distortion, the vocals shift into actual singing, showing the folk side of his project. After a minute of this, the distortion returns slowly shifting from the riff to another great solo. Finally the song goes back to the original lyrics of ” I’m my own God, government and Guide in the vast widnerness of life” before shifting to another solo that leads us to the end of the song. All in all, an amazing work of art, and hard to believe that it all came from one individual who came up with inecredible lyrics, monsterous guitar parts, and vocals that many try but few can pull off.

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