NAB - Collage di un delirio

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braindeadzine.net: The name of this band and the cover wasn't so attractive so it took me a little while to actually sit down and put this record on... Once I did though, all I could think is "Hey, this band totally fucking rules!" This is hyper energetic grindcore, it totally reminds me of Defecation ("Purity Dilution") and maybe stuff like Unseen Terror (plus of course early Napalm Death) in style but also with a slightly more modern edge... I mean the whole feel and sound of Nab is very old school, but the intensity is cranked up a notch in the way Nasum would do. First, the drum sound really kills, with a perfect snare drum tone, this stuff is blistering fast, hard-hitting, pretty wild but also precise at the same time... The technic and style here totally reminds me of Mick Harris. A really successful grindcore band centers first and foremost on a good drummer in my opinion and the guy in this band simply kicks all kinds of butt. The rest of it is also top notch, with potent and fast riffing, vocals where lower roaring and growling play a major part and higher screaming take the backseat (I'm growing tired of bands using screamy vocals prominently, they work better as simply backing vocals in my opinion). Overall, this is pretty flawless grindcore really! Oh and the bassist in this band seems to be... a girl! Insignificant detail I know but still, something which well... spice things up a little, at least for me! What can I say?! Girls playing grindcore turn me on! Lyrics sound pretty clever, you know, grindcore-type stuff! Anyhow, if you're after some fresh grindcore that really packs a punch, if you're into stuff like Looking for an Answer, etc... Definitely try this out!

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