Uniform Approach - A Pledge To The Edge

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twisted-tracks.blogspot.de: Here's a gem that a friend of mine asked me to send him files of recently, so I decided to publish the link for general consumption on the blog... Uniform Approach was a one-off side project of U.K. hardcore legends Heresy and Ripcord and was a less than serious homage to U.S. straight-edge HC that so influenced both bands. These songs were recorded as a demo in 1989 but didn't see a proper release until 2004. The music isn't too far removed from their full-time bands, particularly Ripcord, but the lyrics are jocular riffs on stereotypical sXe themes... songs about X'ing up, protecting your bros and other posi topics. I'm also a sucker for this style and along with Heresy and Ripcord being top faves, this EP is right up my alley and a must for those into hyper speed hardcore punk.

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