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Doom& Distortion is a Kick Off Double DVD of Punk/ Hardcore/ Grindcore& Extreme Metal Performances captured at Motorship Stubnitz from 1998- 2007. MS Stubnitz is a 1968 built heavy Tank & Fishtrawler emerged to an Epicentre for Experimental Arts since 1992 run collectively. 33 Bands such as Atrocious Madness, Melt Banana, Unholy Grave, Catheter, La Fraction, Church of Misery, Sayyadina or Sourvein. Each track comes with a mix of 3 cams, added with an enhanced Mixboard Sound done with a Special Biophonic Head Audio Recording System. All Shows recorded by the Stubnitz Media Crew and edited at the Boats internal Media Lab. All Sounds were mastered very carefully, keeping the maximum of original Tone and Range in contrast to all Loudness War Compression Habits. DVDs are crap and worthless today. We cant get away with all that plastic trash but this one true Stubnitz DIY Hardcore Memorabilia proves the result of 5 years heavy work, selection, post production, heart & chaos. And for all you Quitters we love both Worlds: Punk and Metal. Compiled and released by Sensitive Wormrile, Wifagena and Plattenfroster. 1000 made. Hurry up! Disc Doom Conquest of Steel Moho Sourvein Bad Luck Rides on Wheels Church of Misery Los Natas Seamonster Disc Distortion Sayyadina Melt Banana La Fraction Consume Atrocious Madness Whos my Sviour Sharpeville Genocide SS Jmenfous Mossurhaya Victims Wojczech Bolz`n Total Fucking Destruction Instinct of Survival Dead Infection Vald Unholy Grave My Minds Mine Haemorrhage Catheter Agathocles Entrails Massacre Bagger Drown in Blood Incarnated Animated Menues ELXT 90


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