MINDFLAIR - Scourge of Mankind

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The Gods of Hard Grinding Stop'n'Go Powerviolence are back with full lenght "Scourge of Mankind" in 2015.

"You walk into the club and Mindflair are blaring, you say "Hell yes"!!"
Two Guys Metal Reviews

"Mindflair are a very great sounding grindcore band with elements of crust and power violence" (8/10)
Doomed to Grind

"Imagine Napalm Death, Unseen Terror, Righteous Pigs and sludge metal maniacs Sour Vein all rolled up into one big fatty, and you get to smoke the sonic joint known as Mindflair"
Explicitly Intense

"...a relentless wall of noise, some of the fastest drumming I have heard for ages, the most tortured screams replacing vocals and just endless distortion." (8/10)
Stu's Reviews


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