BLOOD I BLEED - high octan thrash

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Founded in 2002 by former members of well-known violent hardcore/grindcore outfit My Minds Mine, high quality music with an enormous potential for success in the underground community is what you can expect from Holland's Blood I Bleed. Essentially a logical continuation of what the Dutchmen have been doing for years, yet a new approach to the overall expression based on and inspired by renown acts like Heresy, Intense Degree or S.O.B., to name a few. Influenced by the 80's hardcore, grindcore, as well as Japanese hardcore bands, the furious quartet is a force to be reckoned with. High velocity hardcore / thrash with power that cannot be denied. "High Octane Thrash" comprises a big part of all the songs Blood I Bleed has put out on vinyl so far, such as the self-titled 7", the split EP's with Under Pressure, Sound Like Shit, Unholy Grave, compilation tracks and cover songs from Heresy, Negative FX, Fear Of God and BGK. A total of 32 songs that will blow your socks off. Singer Rosco (also My Minds Mine) has just took over vocal duties again, which makes things sound even more extreme. Like a high-octane fuel racing car, Blood I Bleed stops at nothing. More power to their elbow!

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