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doommantia.com: The split album has four tracks from Drone Throne and five from a band called Toad. Much better produced than the demo, the first track, "Headtrip Highway" has all the anger that was present on their demo but the guitar work sounds more refined but at the same time, just as heavy. Typical of sounds on their demo, "Headtrip Highway" has got its fair share of twists and tempo changes, the crunchy riff that comes in towards the end of the track is pure Sabbath and its solid and catchy. "Sludge Flood" is more solid work from Drone Throne with endless chunky riffing, the drum sound is also much better produced on this split compared with the demo. There is even some hints at melodic guitar lines on here that wasn't present on the demo, certainly not commercial but a little more assessable for the more mainstream listener. "Astro Binge" is a raunchy, headbanging track with more of a traditional edge to the guitar work. Still very much in the Stoner Doom mold, it is instantly recognizable and yet doesn't sound like anything else. It ends a little too soon for my liking however, at only a bit over three minutes long, another section or two of those killer rhythms and "Astro Bridge" would have been my pick for favorite track on this split album. The final track, "Comotose" is even shorter and sounds a little underdone and rushed. Not a bad track but too short to leave any lasting memory. Then Drone Throne's part of the split is over, Headtrip Highway" and "Sludge Flood" are both essential tunes for the band but the other two failed to live up to the same standard. The other band is also from Arizona, but they sound totally out of place after listening to Drone Throne. I wont get into details about them because i am only really interested in what Drone Throne delivers. Toad basically sounds like a Indie-Punk band with a pop edge, very out of context after hearing Drone Throne. Because of this its very hard to rate the split too highly, Toad doesn't do anything for me at all and Drone Throne deliver two great songs and two average ones on here.

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