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thesludgelord.blogspot.com: As people may know HUATA are aone of my fave french Stoner Metal bands. Their brilliant debut album - Atavist Of Mann - is a work of fucking genius. It's an album I recommended you all check out now. It's brutally heavy and a work of art all in one go. Bitcho are another brilliant band who I am big fan of. Their incredible 2009 debut album - Toybox is an undisputed masterpiece of the genre. 5 songs that run for 2hrs or so. Well the Sludge Metal Gods are finally shining on us today as these two brilliant heavyweights of Sludge/Stoner Metal have got together to release a Split Vinyl LP. And what a fucking release it is. 33 minutes of brilliant music by these two superb bands. 1. HUATA - the retaliator - 15:29 2. HUATA - hercolubus - 05:25 3. BITCHO - 10050 cielo drive - 12:44 Let me say this now this is the best Split LP Release I have heard this year. All of the tracks are simply superb. Huata's two tracks see the band on fine form with some truly astonishing Occult based Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs with some great psychedelic effects thrown in for good measure. The 20 minutes will take you on a great ride you will never forget. And lastly we have Bitcho's track - 10050 cielo drive - another dreamy drone based epic full of eerie chanting and mixed with some sublime sonic riffage. It's been a while since Bitcho have released any new music. But if it's good as this then we are in for a treat for their next album. The riffs start slowly until the 4th minute kicks in and then all hell breaks loose. Head for cover as your in for a hell of a ride. All in all this Split LP features two bands at the top of their game. It's a fucking blast from start to finish. Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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