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This album, 1986, holds twenty-two songs, barely varied from twenty seconds to one minute and twenty seconds. One minute ditties of grind crust packed in crispy production are Jesus Cröst’s hallmark. The duo played Maryland Death Fest (2010) and France’s mammoth Hellfest! (2012). Declaring allegiance to no moniker except “hooligan,” the music is surprisingly grindcore/powerviolence (despite naming their EP Fuck Powerviolence). Each song is a name of a famous or beloved Footbal player. Damned if I recognize any, but I am appreciating the thread. The music is grind, or at least what I know of it. Each song has blastbeats and scraping, seething vocals. The longer songs (fifty seconds to over a minute) have a breakdown, but not with the ferocity of Phobia or the hardcore love of Napalm Death. Some of these certainly feel like “noise”; not in the metal sub-genre, Noise; but in the way your mom would call your favorite music. They aren’t the most calculated musicians as say Rotten SOund or Pig Destroyer, but they certainly are fun. Even at :27, “Oleg Protasov” brings in a dynamic trek. That goes into the slower intro of “Jorge Burruchaga”, that could get some pits moving with anticipation. And while some bands scr4am like they are grunting, there is actual pig sounds in this one. Maybe it is akin to Hard Skin in the grind world. “Horst Hrubesch” holds out for a mid tempo and climactic bridge for its 1:20 length. True vicious metal. Some black metal approach in here; I mean, with all the speed and spitting vocal, give it a name. There is a bunch of that whistling, that could be feedback or added as a joke. Beats me. “Claudio Caniggia” has a slight gallop and more of a vocal growl, making it more accessible in comparison. “Nicolas Foubert” I rife with the squeals and pig noise (different squeal – ah the variety), but it’s riff is undeniable and twists and grinds as a gnarly jam should. Whereas a”Andres Escobar” is all speed for :27. Every song is good. Some are great. This is a solid purchase, but not groundbreaking. Of course if you love grind, ground breaking is not necessarily your forte. RIYL: Phobia, Brutal Truth, Strong Intention, Insect Warfare, Anal Cunt, Nasum, Mayhem, Hellhammer

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