MONOZID - say hello to artificial grey

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The 12 songs combine the different talents and preferences of the Monozid members: Ralf's odd and noisy guitar sounds, Daniel's pumping bass lines, the drumming of Max, which is full of details and variety, and the melodic, effect loaded guitar sound of Franz. The sound switches between catchy uptempo tunes, sophisticated instrumentals and some more experimental stuff mixing elements from 80's guitar-wave & postpunk with shoegaze, noise- and postrock. "Say Hello to Artificial Grey" is a great example of modern post-punk revival saturated not only with influences of analogous music of 80's, but with creative rushes of today. Besides evident parallels with Joy Division, For Against, The Sound, "Say Hello to Artificial Grey" is also interesting because of its pop-orientated tracks and post-rock experiments with the sound


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