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I don't think the Germans of Mörser need an introduction. Their first 2 full lengths 2 Hours To Doom and 10.000 Bad Guys Dead became cult albums and since then they've built a steady fanbase worldwide. It's been a while since they released something new though. In 2002 they released the mini cd Scum, the soundtrack for a comic with the same title. They were supposed to release another soundtrack for a comic called Pure but this release got postponed until it didn't get released at all. Now there is Pure Scum, which contains 5 new tracks (the songs meant for the comic Pure and 4 re-mastered songs (from the sold out comic Scum) and some extra multi-media (trailers, comics...). On to the songs. This still has the trademark Mörser sound. It's heavy, mean, brutal and 100% metal and the two singers still grunt and scream like madmen. So nothing really changed since their last full length album 10.000 Bad Guys Dead. The new Pure songs have a better production than the old ones, which doesn't make them sound less brutal. The multimedia extras on the cd are cool. You get previews of both the Pure and Scum comics and a couple of short movies and trailers.

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