NECROMESSIAH - antiklerical terroristik death squad

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Heavy, headbanging,well-produced black/thrash from Italy. The riffs on this album are great, compromising of regular black metal tremolo riffs, and more importantly, great black 'n roll/ thrash riffs that help drive the songs along quite well. Just listen to the opening riff of "In The Name Of God Let Churches Burn". Thrashy and heavy, and that's how it is throughout the whole album. The guitar sound isn't infected with nothing but treble like a lot of underground black metal seems to be. Instead the guitar tone is pretty crushing, with the perfect amount of distortion, being able to hear the riffs very clearly. The drumming isn't anything especially flashy, it's pretty much compromised of the occasional blast beats for the fast tremolo sections, and then mid-paced beats for the thrash parts that dominate the album. The drums are produced pretty well, having a bit of a low end to them, and everything is pretty audible. No muffled blasting to be found. Oddly for black metal as a whole, but not for black/thrash, the bass guitar is right upfront with everything else. I'll go back to "In The Name Of God Let Churches Burn", which showcases the bass popping right out in front to compliment the thrashy riff. In almost every song the bass can be clearly heard, and while the bassist doesn't have any solos or anything flashy, its right there with everything else and its a welcome addition to the rest of the music. The vocals aren't anything special, but they are very decipherable, and aren't overly screechy, but not low enough to be considered death grunts. Overall they fit the music well without doing anything special on their own. The production is pretty good as i've said, with all the instruments being heard clearly, without sounding sterile or overproduced. There's a slightly muddy tone on the album, but it's very fitting and sounds great with the music. Finally the lyrics. I doubt this band take them seriously, as the song titles show: "Christ-Crushing Black Metal", "666 Necroalkolterrorist". As you can tell by those titles, the lyrics usually deal with anti-christianity or war, and while those arent exactly the most original themes, like the vocals, they fit the music well. The lyrics aren't poetic or impossible to understand. Instead they're quite simple and they get the point across. Overall Necromessiah blend black metal and thrash metal together quite well and even though this album is less than a half hour long, it's still very much enjoyable and is recommended for anyone who wants to stray away from the constant blasting black metal types and listen to something thrashy, catchy and heavy.

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