NEEDFUL THINGS - Tentacles Of Influence

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This is the second LP from one of the major Czech bands playing serious-minded, modern-sounding grindcore, with more of a metallic edge, totally bringing later Napalm Death or Nasum to mind. One of the bands that pulls off this genre quite well today along with Antigama perhaps... Well-constructed and controlled agression, frantic blasting rhythms, dual raspy roaring vocals and snarling shrieks, tight guitar riffing with a lot of tremolo picking during blasts mixed with crusty riffs on occasion and a few pretty memorable riffs peak up from time to time, also a super-heavy, distorted bass tone that is especially forefront in the mix and sounds bad-ass! The sound production is pretty nice and smooth yet heavy. Needful Things isn't reinventing the grindcore wheel but this one is simply an enjoyable listen for me. Lyrically it's the social, frustrated type deal, pretty minimalistic and goes straight to the point.


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