NEGATIVE REACTION - Frequencies From Montauk LP+CD DIE HARD (+silk printed Cover, patch, )

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DIE HARD VERSION w. silk printed cover art, sticker and embroidered patch!!! lim. to 100 copies!

doommantia.com: When you think of the originators and the true gems of the sludge-metal scene, Negative Reaction is a band that normally doesn't get name-checked as one of the great bands in the genre. Why it is a mystery to me, after 23 years and now six albums that range from the very good to the mind-blowing, they should be regarded as legends in this style of heavy music. Also you can't forget the seven or eight great split albums they have been involved with but for some reason, split albums seem to be thought of as 'throwaway' releases and seem to get forgotten about very quickly. This is again, another mystery. Negative Reaction did have their work cut out for them right from the get-go with this album. Earlier albums such as 'Under the Ancient Penalty,' 'The Orion Chronicles,' the 2008 album 'Tales from the Insomniac' and my personal favorite 'Everything You Need for Galactic Battle Adventures' are all classic releases. This album has one problem that becomes clear right from the second you press play so I want to get this out-of-the-way now, the production on this album is not great. The other debatable detail is they have once again had another musical shift in direction that makes it hard to believe this is the same band that recorded the 'endofyorerror' album back in 1996 but musical shifts are no problem if it still works and luckily it does on 'Frequencies From Montauk.' Despite some changes in style, the band are still down-tuned and heavier than ever but could be even more brutal if not for the production issues I just mentioned. The band still has the hardcore edge and they still can match any other band you can think of for over-the-top sheer bombastic-ness. The doom side of the band is a bit more polished these days but they still have some raw grit laying around from their early days. Somebody asked me recently; what other bands do they sound like and there I was kind of lost for comparisons. They have the classic sludge thing going on as in the Grief, Iron Monkey, Eyehategod side of ugly, bleak heaviness but there is also a more polished side that is closer to the heavier Cathedral tunes. To put it another way, Negative Reaction don't fit into anyone's neat little box of doom and sludge. Of course the band's leader, and driving force is Ken E. Bones who is the only remaining founding member of the band since its inception and Bones still has that unique, classic voice but it still is an acquired taste. On this album Bones is joined by drummer John “Old” MacDonald and bassist Damon Limpy. The album kicks off with 'Day after Yesterday' that features most of the timeless Negative Reaction trademarks. The sabbathian riffs being cranked out of Orange amps turned to 11, the pounding drum attack, groovy bass, and the throat-tearing vocals. The band now sound more 70's anthemic rock than ever before while still keeping it within the sludge and doom realm of genres. There is a bluesy edge that is kind of buried but it is there in this opener and others such as 'Shattered Reflection' and 'Dopamine.' These songs are shit-your-pants heavy doomy rockers but with the power and finesse of an early 70's power trio a-la Mountain or Blue Cheer. The album continues to throw up variations too as in more straight-forward stoner-metal numbers like 'Angels And Demons' and 'Space Capsule 1' where the band pull out some of their best sabbathian grooves they have ever recorded. The band also indulge in some psychedelic moments as in some of 'Docking Bay 94' and the album's title track which is a surprisingly synthesized instrumental track. A lot of the songs have a bluesy yet irresistible southern-sludge swagger that works in conjunction with the pure Iommi/Butler inspired doom grooves but they have not dispensed with their hardcore element either. This can found in 'Thicker than Blood' that has the pissed-off lyrics,attitude and vocals. 'Frequencies From Montauk' keeps you guessing right to the very end and the songs are kept to a fairly short length most of the time so the album keeps moving and never gets stagnant. But I come back to the production now because something is missing. It doesn't seem as heavy or as fuzzy as it should be and overall, everything seems too compacted and dense. The levels of the bass, drums, guitar, and vocals all seem out-of-whack and maybe it was something different they were going for but I don't think it does the songs any favors. That aside, the songs though, rule! There isn't a weak track here and it is instantly enjoyable. I honestly don't think this sits anywhere near their best work but even then, Negative Reaction being average is everybody else's greatness so can't complain. This still deserves every bit of 8.5/10.


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