NORTHLESS - Clandestine Abuse 2LP

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When the feedback-gorged opening from Clandestine Abuse starts trampling your internal organs, it feels like you’ll just have to hold your breath and hope the beating from Northless ends quick. But this new full-length quickly reveals much more than bare-knuckled sludge and steel-toed doom. These are not brief tracks, the eight-song album coming in at over 50 minutes. But the way these Milwaukeeans approach music is to expertly draw out massive riffs like they were battering down a fortress wall. And this is why many of their surprisingly simplistic parts are so effective. While the band shows off some impressive post-rock mathematics, they have no problem bludgeoning on one chord or a few notes to create something that would almost be hypnotic if it weren’t so cruel. Even with all this, though, the band’s not without a strong sense of melody. But often it seems to almost leak out of the oppression, like sunlight finding its way through a pile of caved-in rubble, bringing relief if only a little too late. Guitarist Erik Stenglein’s voice is a heaving yawp reminiscent of Crowbar only in the way that his gargling with charcoal vocals is just one of those roars that can only issue forth from a heavyweight, a guy who likely intimidates in his sleep. And he’s backed by a pavement saw bass tone and drums that sound fashioned from cement mixers. Clandestine Abuse is the kind of record in danger of being smeared with some asinine buzz term like post-sludge or prog-doom. Fuck that. Northless fit in perfectly with the well-worn genres they’ve been inspired by. But they happen to also have the talent, creativity and godforsaken volume to help both of them evolve. - See more at: http://www.decibelmagazine.com/record-rules/northless-clandestine-abuse/#sthash.2lCIRUR4.dpuf


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