PATSY O'HARA - sings the bourgeois blues

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More than 3 1/2 years after "deathinteresse" was unleashed on the hardcore-punk crowd, PATSY O'HARA have returned with their 2nd full-length, "...sings the bourgeois blues". It has everything the genre has to offer in one powerful set of 11 songs (nearly 48min.). Nothing sounds stale and they have their own distinct sound while building off the ideas of the music they love to listen to. "...sings the bourgeois blues" is a huge improvement on every level, with the group's hybrid mix of upbeat hardcore, punk, post-rock and good old fashioned rock 'n' roll - melting together to near perfection throughout their latest effort. The quintet puts on a riveting spectacle, with beatific swells of atmospheric and rocking hardcore - over the top, epic intertwined guitars - beautiful groovy bass lines - galloping, punchy drum patterns - demented, raspy screaming vocals. The band knows how to effectively build up a song, tension that mounts to a breaking point. It leads to many exciting moments, as the boiling point tips over, leading to an explosion of aggression. PATSY O'HARA switches off between fast-paced death 'n’ roll mayhem and slower mini-epics. There are also various interludes that move along the album. Recorded and mixed at the mighty Tonmeisterei, the production is full and lush. This, along with the fantastic dynamics between all the band members and the compelling songwriting, makes for a successful sophomore album. Thick 180gr vinyl comes with an outstanding and eyecatching gatefold-sleeve with reverse side printings, black innersleeve and includes a digital download card. Not sure, but the point remains that this release is a killer - so stop reading and pick it up right away!


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