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undergrindzine.wordpress.com: With this split 12″ by Sandokhan and Krupskaya I have in my hands one hell of an album. Sandokhan comes from Germany? with 13 songs of musical anger compressed in 7 minutes! They use occult terminology for their song titles, which seems odd for a Grindcore band , but their music is filled with nothing but pure joy for those who truly understand the ways of Grind. It’s a “take no prisoners” approach with a full frontal attack on the eardrums. Oh! how sweet are these tunes! This is their first release and I’m already craving for more violent drum eruptions and vein popping string torture SANDOKHAN style! If this album had to have a winner as a result then I would give it to Krupskaya for their total Grindcore insanity. Krupskaya’s style gripped. They brought tears to my eyes once their session on this 12″ was over. “What genius!”, I cried. Okay, maybe it wasn’t all that dramatic, but Krupskaya pushes all the right buttons. The lightspeed drumming is moved easily into lower gears, then breaking to a halt before unleashing another Grind-crushing brain killer. The vocal screams are icy and show so much anger, and frustration that it was hard to believe these were human. My oldest kid even concluded that it sounded like a cat being tortured. The creative unslaught on this split must be in everyone’s musical library. Nobody should miss out on Krupskaya’s total chaos, delivered in high-speed blastbeats, dissonant guitar play and deranged vocals. Sandokhan offers more of a mainstream sound, but the crispness and pounding intensity of both productions makes the whole album a delight to listen to. As for band statistics? Sandokhan is two guys as far as I know. Who they are? That probably won’t become clear before this gets published. This release Krupskaya is a four piece with Alex on Vocals, Tim on Guitar, Stacey playing Bass and Ed on drums.


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