SNIFFING GLUE - i`m not alright

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After a stellar LP and subsequent 7", along with countless shows SNIFFING GLUE are releasing "i'm not alright". It seems that SNIFFING GLUE have gotten popular for their tight and nimble approach to hardcore-punk. "i'm not alright" is another retro record that sounds fresh in the modern day sound scape - authentic, energetic, with lots of anger, and with speed by time - all of which is build on a foundation of solid songwriting, incredible lyrics, and the occasional inclusion of a catchy melody from start to finish. The 9 new tracks (plus one additional cover by a german punk-rock classic) on "i'am not alright" are as good as any '80s Reagan-era hardcore-punk record you've ever heard...so yeah if you want to get some kick-ass snotty tunes without fashion styled shit and tough attitudes...or you already got rid off all those classic bands that they always get compared with (bla bla...CIRCLE JERKS, BLACK FLAG...blabla), get this shit as soon as you possibly can. Maybe a record so angry and powerful that it is bound to create an instant slam-dance party in your house?

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