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attackfanzine.net When it comes to grindcore Swedish Splitter truly is one of the few bands that have got their priorities straight. The music is being executed in full speed, with a handful of earthmoving breakdowns thrown in for good measure, and the production is more punk than metal which gives it a sharper and much more aggressive edge. The vocals are manic and the music chaotic, but somewhere in this ear shattering inferno there is a structure and as all hell breaks loose around them Spitter are in full control of every little detail. Armed with very skilled musicianship the band creates a very varied record that keeps on growing on you and that allows you to find new bits and pieces of either straight up explosions, groovy heaviness, or more technical playing each time you listen. Both musically and lyrically Splitter invites us to their dark abyss of despair and this atmosphere surrounding the disc is even more heightened with the samples of the crows in "Fågelskrämman" or the piano in closing "Utanförskapet och jag". Yes, you read it right, there's a piano in here. Not something all bands would dare to include, but I'm glad Splitter did as it only shows even more how they want to play classic no holds barred grindcore and also tread new ground and explore what more can be done while doing so. Classic, varied, and innovative are all keywords here. The lyrics deal with everyday struggles and the despair and anger it can bring, but elegantly and without problems sidestep the trap of "dear diary" pseudo-depression. There are a few grindcore bands in Sweden that I've all held equally as the top ones, but with this album Splitter took a big step forward and has now left the others behind. It's a fucking beating that's what it is, and after the thirty plus minutes I, bruised and bloody, stand up staggering and ask for more. The times I get this excited about a grindcore band are few and far between but this is certainly one of them so remember this moment.

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