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Transatlantic Rat's Atoms music feels somehow weird. Twisted and heavy groovy PsychDoom from two thirds of Ufo Gestapo (RIP). Occasional sax, clarinet, harp and keyboards give their side of the split a slight jazzy dissonant feeling. It rises from the heavy rocking ground to some spacy, but dirty and drony feel, and then again rocks and waves one heavy like being in a space capsule, where history and phrases flow by and mean something nothing. Second songs name "Rise Reverse in the Middle of Nowhere" speaks this well. Warm and distantly cold the same time. BirdEye have gently and humbly taken the b-side. But this is none other than Edgy Burning Witch's new band. Evil and psychedelic in its own inimitable way. The music is organic but noisy. Is this Doom with Ambient parts? Whatever. The heavy songs splay soundscapes of trippy mental states (song title "Hivemind" points in that direction), that appear pathological and disturbing but are cleansing. An archaic and mediatative approach to that style of music that hovers above things, because the band knows its game well. On top of all that is a really beautiful and fitting artwork from Jason Wagoner on brown natural cardboard.

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