UNREST - lake of misery

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cultnation.com: Lake Of Misery, the crushing debut full-length of UNREST. Featuring some quite prominent names of the German Hardcore-Punk scene, UNREST are aiming for one goal only: to destroy all your comforts and deliver one of the most powerful, dirtiest yet heaviest Hardcore records in a while. Recorded at the famous Tonmeisterei, Lake Of Misery comes in a very tight balanced, punching sound that feels like a whole bag of slaps coming your way. Taking influences from Scandinavian Crust like Skitsystem or Martyrdöd as well as British Grind pioneers Extreme Noise Terror or early Napalm Death, UNREST are already playing in a league of their own – unstoppable, unmistakable and relentless. Check out Lake Of Misery in its whole brutal entirety after the jump and be sure to get your physical copy (vinyl only, of course). Bring on the rage!


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