MÖBIUS - The Magic Of The Macabre

MÖBIUS - The Magic Of The Macabre

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Instrumental Drone_Doom_Stoner_Sludge from Slovakia!!!

Tunes for this LP were recorded last year in Haderslev, Denmark with assistance of a friend Dominik. The result is a totally crushing wall of doom, which adds a lot to the excellent songwriting. The whole concept of the album is enriched by a guest string trio with a „coda“ composed solely for this LP, which closes the first song and bridges over A side of the record with the B side. The final mastering was made by almighty producer James Plotkin.

This material will be released as an LP in 300 pieces on red-transparent heavy 180 gram vinyl. The cover is a thick cardboard gatefold printed with a silk screening technique on all four sides in a two colour combination of black and red. The appealing artwork was drawn by a talented young artist called Or.lock. (www.behance.net/batyskaf or www.flickr.com/photos/batyskaf/).

Our friend Martin (www.uuterky.net) is in charge of the silk-screening business. We have cooperated on our previous releases with him and he's done an amazing job.


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