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V/A CLONE - PLAY SLOW. DIE FAST VOL. III is a compilation series curated by Blind Date Records in Germany and features doom and sludge bands covering some classic tracks. The clone series pays tribute to the roots of doom and sludge. Hardcore, punk, metal and rock classics played in a slow and heavy manner.
Line-up volume III.
* Fistula - something in the way (Nirvana)
* Bad Luck Rides on Wheels - war machine (Kiss)
* Whitehorse - crawl (Neanderthal)
* Su19B - pace 'till death (Bathory)
* Crowskin - i got sabbath (Turbonegro/Black Sabbath)
* Sollubi - forward to death (Dead Kennedys)
* Habsyll - tep kaos (Tekken)
* Solar Horn - talk box (L7)

Total mayhem of 46:00 minutes.

...This is a must-own release for sludge fans. What makes this series of records so special is that nobody plays the covers by the rules, or by the exact blueprint of the originals. So instead of hearing an umpteenth Venom cover or whatever cover done note for note, we get something very different with plenty of merit for repeat listens. The other plus is that there are a lot of surprising choices across the board...

embossed cover incl. stamped oval diecut
full colored 12" sized inlay
12-paged 9"-sized booklet
black innersleeve


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