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This is the final record from the Insect Warfare-influenced, vicious Florida grindcore outfit Cellgraft. After their final show on September 1st at the Brass Mug in Tampa, Florida they're calling it quits. They've generously left this unrelenting jagged shard of Grindcore as their final word. Their records have been tremendous, truly doing the grind scene proud, and it's really a shame that they've split - especially considering they deserve a ton of attention for their hard work and dedication to face shredding Grindcore over their short 3 year existence.Self-titled and raw as you could ask for, this record is as short as any GridLink release and approaching their level of might and ferocity, while sidestepping technicality and barreling head-long into darkened, brutal speed. Outside of the opening track "False Sequence of Value" there is only one other track of the 17 here that approaches one minute in length. The opener is also the slowest you'll ingest too, at least for the first minute as it clobbers you with a maniacal set of distorted groves.
One-sided 12" LP including seventeen blasting songs that mostly last under one minute.


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