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Two legendary masters of noise finally clash together!
The ritual is opened by the legendary Bastard Noise, the kings in charge of power electronics. From the Man Is The Bastard days Eric Wood is an estabilshment of extreme visionary music and this latest effort doesn't disappoint. The Fargher-Wood duo delivers one long space travelling attack of electronic noise, distortion and an all around lyserigc trip into the depths of forbidden aural frequencies. On the flipside the Dutch noiseape freaks known as CSMD don't hold back their talent and destroy everything with egith medleys of their classic space rocking noisecore, mixing sci fi influences, Stench Of Corpse, 7 Minutes Of Nausea, Fear Of God and a bunch of movie themes! These two bands redefined the word "noise" during their career and creating two immense and unique imagineries that spawned legions of devoted fans. Don't miss this space trip!


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