MÖRKHIMMEL - Ostří černé kosy zní

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The fragrance of rotting leaves, fog, the chill of frosty mornings...Autumn slowly hands winter the reigns, daylight retreats, and darkness announces it's arrival. The north wind is cruel and brings the scent of death and decay. The latest gust of despair and ruin from the land of Insane Society is the new LP from Prague's MÖRKHIMMEL, titled Ostří černé kosy zní (The Sound of the Black Scythe Blade). A brew of uncompromising heavy metal blows, songs of the damned from the pits of hell, the sound of the world collapsing into ashes. A funereal celebration of optimism, where time drags on and false faith lies drunken under the table long since. The desperate deeds of desperate people. A total of eight acts revealing the nature of the beast, at the end of which all that remain are the shards of trampled rose-coloured glasses. Eight songs recorded with the sick sound of Čestice's Hellsound and the grime of long departed ages. Czech lyrics sung in the language of long forgotten pagan scrolls. This is the new MÖRKHIMMEL LP, this is your destiny. Shun the light, for hark the sound of the black scythe blade!


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