WHO’S MY SAVIOUR – Wall of Sickness

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WHO’S MY SAVIOUR from Rostock& Berlin/ Germany exist since 2001, consist and consisted of ex-/ current members of Wojczech, Cyness, Bad Luck Ride on Wheels, Curse the Cross, Helwec. After Splits with Elysium and Idiot Savant and a full length CD called „Glasgow Smile“ on Power-It-Up Records, several shorter and longer tours with the likes of Pretty Little Flower, Idiot Savant, Skarp, Needful Things, just to name a few, the band finally recorded their new tracks after being on hiatus for some years. And within these 7 new Tracks in 18 minutes, they carry on their own interpretation of modern Grindcore, just where they left the stage in 2007 with „Glasgow Smile“. Driven by blastbeats, they blend in various styles of other noises, such as hardcore, metal, math- and post-metal to create music that is pushing the boundaries to other spheres and beyond. Elaborate guitar and bass work, well placed samples, and the organic yet brutal sound are making the recording to what it is, as „Wall of Sickness“ is meant to be a tribute to mankind...


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