ART OF FALLING - extending behind this shape

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Here is yet another new outfit that has been mentored by the tectonic crush of NEUROSIS' "Through Silver In Blood". This time, it's courtesy of Switzerland's epic post-hardcore ART OF FALLING, whose mid-paced, seething punishment and hoarse brutal vocals are definitely in the heavy,brooding art-sludge mode of NEUROSIS as well as contemporaries ISIS and CULT OF LUNA, while also throwing in some slight UNSANE-esque noise rock elements and direct nods to MOGWAI/SIGUR ROS in their clean post-rock passages. "Extending Behind This Shape" is all about mighty melodic riffs and dynamic quieter moments that erupt into heavier-than-thou payoffs by songs end. And it's good stuff. ART OF FALLING keep their songs relatively short and to-the-point compared to most other metallic post-rock-influenced outfits, so you get alot of crunch packed into this discs half an hour running time. Definitely one for fans of VANCOUVER, REBREATHER, BREACH, ISIS, THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SKY, SWITCHBLADE, etc. www.crucialblast.net

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